Renowned real estate developer DevMcGill has designed a new housing project in the Angus Shops sector of Rosemont. A place offering a unique living experience in the heart of Montreal and where the architecture of the buildings and the layout of the site would harmonize with the surrounding urban playground. Unique and contemporary, the visual signature of this project should express the will to promote innovation and sustainable development.


  • Brand creation (branding)
  • Advertising design
  • Design and graphic design

graphic design

Inspired by Swedish design, the logo also recalls the organic character of natural elements with more angular features, such as the branches of trees, while a minimalist contribution is introduced by its pure lines and industrial design that reflect the graphic codes of architecture.


Analyze, understand and
set up the strategy

Get inspired by the Scandinavian theme that motivated the development of the new real estate project. Conduct an advanced conceptual research, in order to propose relevant solutions, in the image of the ecological practices privileged for the development of this new environment of life.

Imagine, innovate and
design custom tools

Create a visual focus point within the logo. Invite prospective buyers to change their vision of the environment to raise their expectations at the level of TAK construction standards. Associate the term village to the name, in order to distinguish TAK from its competitors and allow it to promote the creation of a real community, gathered around green spaces in the heart of the city.

Act, interact and
be present

Present a designation and a positioning hook intended to reflect this unique residential experience. Specify with the help of promotional material the orientation of the real estate development, highlighting its willingness to meet the needs of a diversity of buyers’ profiles. Perpetuate the inheritance of its geographical location.

lively and inspiring

An experience that lives beyond space, through the brand, with various graphic elements and an image reminiscent of nature and northern landscapes.

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