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St-Hubert Restaurants has chosen Erod, creative agency to become the main marketing reference for its franchise network. This partnership includes supporting local marketing efforts across the country, building on the brand’s strategic actions and stimulating the display of a holistic approach, including the contribution of digital media.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Consulting service
  • Advertising design
  • Design and graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Radio advertising
Rôtisseries Saint-Hubert | Erod, Agence Créative

A sustainable

Go beyond the mandates granted and provide strategic recommendations in accordance with the business objectives of the company.


Analyze, understand and
set up the strategy

Work hand in hand with St-Hubert Restaurants and their franchisees to create relevant and creative advertising offensives. Adapt our approach according to the specific needs of each region and each restaurant. Adopt a strategy that targets all customer segments of the chain.

Imagine, innovate and
design custom tools

Highlight the franchise’s change of focus by adopting a graphic line that reflects the discovery and experience of the restaurant, while retaining and adapting the main elements of recognition associated with the brand. Provide a marketing program to franchisees. Ensure the development of advertising campaigns while increasing the number of visitors in the dining room.

Act, interact
and be present

Promote the added value of the indoor experience. Stimulate the change of perception of the restaurants to the public. Encourage people to rediscover St-Hubert and eat in the dining room. Integrate digital platforms into a sustainable marketing approach.

Rotisseries Saint-Hubert |
Rôtisseries Saint-Hubert | Erod, Agence Créative
Rôtisseries Saint-Hubert | Erod, Agence Créative

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