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In a competitive and ever-changing market, the agencies of RE/MAX de L’Avenir, RE/MAX Sélection and RE/MAX Laurentides have chosen to join forces under a single identity. By making this fundamental change, the leaders wanted to increase market shares and accelerate the growth of their real estate business. By becoming their own media, they also sought to become real estate leaders in their area.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Consulting service
  • Brand creation (branding)
  • Advertising design
  • Magazine
  • Content creation
  • TV and digital advertising
  • Media placement
  • Search engine optimization SEM (Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Remarketing, Display)
  • Social media marketing SMM (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Press relations
  • Event management
  • Reporting and performance measures
Remax Bonjour | Magazine | Erod Agence Créative | Publici

Vibrant and
trendy imagery

A strong visual impact, which contrasts with the principal brand (RE/MAX), in order to stimulate the recognition of the logo and to constitute a sense of belonging among consumers.


Analyze, understand
and set up the strategy

Changing public perceptions and putting forward the profile of the real estate agency’s leader in customer service. Advocating values of collaboration, integrity and accompaniment, this change of identity had to live up to their leaders’ vision.

Imagine, innovate and design
custom tools

Go beyond real estate and the usual pragmatic speech. Show the emotional burden and especially the human side of real estate brokerage. To propose a message that is reassuring, warm and describes how the home is a sacred place, where most memorable memories are built.

Act, interact
and be present

Build a cross-platform content strategy in which digital media is the main argument. A strategy including social media management, the complete redesign of the promotional magazine and the renewal of the real estate agency blog, in a more dynamic and attractive format. In addition, make RE/MAX bonjour its own media.

The promise
that everything
will be fine

To show that beyond the simple real estate transaction, the house is a sacred place, where we build our most memorable memories.

Remax Bonjour | Magazine | Erod Agence Créative | Publici
Remax Bonjour | Magazine | Erod Agence Créative | Publici
Remax Bonjour | Magazine | Erod Agence Créative

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