A rising



In its quest for a mainstream market, the Saint-Arnould microbrewery wanted to launch a range of beers under a new independent entity. Seeking primarily to attract younger and professional customers, they wanted to create an accessible brand, whose commercial production would also be the promise of the superior quality of their products.


  • Consulting service
  • Brand creation (branding)
  • Design and graphic design
  • Website design
  • Organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Packaging
Brewstar | Branding | Web Design | Campagne publicitaire | Erod Agence Créative

Simple, efficient
and universal

Combine recognized symbols to impose the brand as a dominant player in the beer industry, as soon as it is released into stores.


Analyze, understand and
set up the strategy

Design the customers’ profile. Conduct a market research, as well as an intensive search for preferences, interests and trends in vogue in the targeted segment. Coordinate the launch with the entry of the products on the market.

Imagine, innovate and
design custom tools

Stimulate the customer’s intellect by developing a brand-specific language. Showcase the personality of beer in a bold, urban and uncompromising design. Use storytelling to help customers identify to the brand and turn a simple beer description into a remarkable point of interest.

Act, interact
and be present

Provide strategic recommendations respecting specific contexts of promotion and merchandising. Design and maintain a current and innovative Web platform.

Brewstar | Branding | Web Design | Campagne publicitaire | Erod Agence Créative

The blend
of crude
and sophistication

Flirting with the underground without compromising the quality perception of the product.

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