Biovert is a great alternative to traditional household cleaning products. However, faced with a fierce competition, the company had to revise its brand image and its packaging, in order to attract a new clientele, outside the organic products market.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication plan
  • Consulting service
  • Brand creation (branding)
  • Advertising design
  • Design and graphic design
  • Website design
  • Packaging
  • Content creation
  • Organic SEO
  • Social media marketing SMM (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
Biovert | Branding | Web | Réalisations | Erod, Agence Créative

A pure and
timeless image

An identity that imposes
its strength and distinctive
characteristics without going
against the conventions prescribed
by the category of products to which it belongs.


Analyze, understand and
set up the strategy

Develop an understanding of the company to better streamline the complex architecture of the brand. Create a coherent speech within the various communication tools and initiate the display of assets that unify and modernize the company’s visual identity.

Imagine, innovate and
design custom tools

Propose a look that perfectly embodies the desired balance between the personality and the performance that are at the heart of the brand. An update that includes a complete redesign of the identity and encompassing all communicative tools, from the logo to the packaging aspect.

Act, interact
and be present

Reactivate the community formed around the brand by ensuring increased digital presence and maintaining the enthusiasm created by the new image. Deliver varied content to which a larger clientele can identify.

Biovert | Branding | Web | Réalisations | Erod, Agence Créative

and conviviality

Simplify and facilitate ordering of products online by tracing a customer journey and intervening at each touchpoint.

Biovert | Branding | Web | Réalisations | Erod, Agence Créative
Biovert | Branding | Web | Packaging | Réseaux Sociaux | Marketing | Réalisations | Erod, Agence Créative